Our first travel primer touched on pre-travel considerations like investing in good luggage, getting through security and packing. Next up, we’ve got the scoop on how to take flight like a pro and make the most of your journey from take off to landing. 

Mask Up With the Best of Them

Well before the Covid requirements, we were donning masks for longer travel. Between international strains of germs and dry cabin air, we preferred to travel with a mask to protect our immune system and keep our mouthes, sinuses and skin hydrated. We always pack a stack of MaskC disposable masks; they come with KN95 options, are disposable (think less maskne and better hygiene), and come in a range of cute colors. 

Bring Your Own Five Star Amenities

Two words: Spa slippers. Often free from your favorite hotels, disposable slippers are super handy when flying internationally. Nothing feels better than kicking off your shoes and slipping your swollen feet into some cozy slippers. I wear these all over the plane (to the galley to ask for wine, to the bathroom, up for a stretch, etc.), and then trash them upon arrival.  

Along these lines, my number one tip for travelers is to bring a large scarf. I personally carry a scarf almost everywhere because it’s a chic accessory that doubles as a shawl or blanket. Planes are notorious for their chilling atmosphere and scarves are a great way to cover up and hunker down.

Know your needs

This is especially true when traveling overseas. Longer flights can leave you dehydrated, bloated and stiff. Planning ahead for extra hydration (think water and moisturizer), sneaking in a few snacks, dozing on melatonin and packing some compression socks can all help make a world of difference, so you can land refreshed and ready to hit the scene (and channel your best Party in the U.S.A. vibes ;).

Don’t Delay When Delays Happen

Delays happen from time to time (though rarely with Delta, another reason we love the airline). When it happens, it’s important to think two steps ahead when you see a delay coming on. If traveling with a partner, divide and conquer…that means one of you retrieve the luggage while the other heads straight for the customer service line. The sooner you can get in queue, the better chance you’ll have to get answers, hotel vouchers and rebookings. Having a back-up option is key as well. We always pull up hotels.com and have a nearby room on standby just in case the airline runs out of hotel vouchers. If we book our own room, we submit the expense to the airline for reimbursement. This approach saves tons of time, money and stress, and shifts the situation back in our control. If you book your entire trip using your American Express card, they’ll cover any delays or cancellations that extend beyond 12 hours.

with love,

Amy Abt