Perhaps the most timeless accessory is the scarf. This gorgeous outfit addition is both functional and fashionable, and that my dear, is the test of a true fashion staple. Our fabulous French counterparts have long understood the value of a great scarf, and for obvious reasons. This wardrobe staple is often shared among generations, with grandmothers and mothers handing down their beloved scarves to the women in their family. It’s a sweet tradition and makes investing in a stunning silk scarf even more worthwhile.

If you’re ready to elevate your outfits with a timeless piece, we’ve compiled our favorite inspiration to get you going.


Spring is one of those precarious seasons where you can leave the house freezing cold and come back to sunny skies, so the versatile scarf is a must-have for this season. Start by wrapping it around your neck to take the chill off in the mornings, then end the warm day with a cute belt or headband.



Not usually what comes to mind as the “season” of scarves, but summer offers cute possibilities nonetheless. Whether you decorate your wrist or spruce up a sun hat, the scarf is the pièce de résistance to any chic summer outfit. If you’re feeling brave, you can even throw it on as a bandeau top.



Don’t fall victim to the PSL-and-scarves basic approach to fall. Instead, these options provide an elevated interpretation of scarves and will leave your baes gushing over your style. Try a cross-body trench scarf or tuck it under a belt for a vest detail. Or there’s always the classic ponytail bow to spruce up your tousled tresses.


And finally, winter scarves. There’s the classic and practical blanket scarves that look great with a chunky sweater or blazer, but why not try a headscarf? This is a gorgeous alternative to the winter hat, and leaves your hair much more intact. Or tie one on your cute handbag or clutch for a little added punch.


with love,

Amy Abt