Anyone can apply a skincare regimen, Mon Petit Chéri. But not everyone can do it as expertly as I. So listen up and take notes, because you’re about to level up your skincare game.

Let’s Talk Towels

Essentially it comes down to this: why would you use the same cloth on your face that you use on your body (and your flower for that matter). At the very least, you should dedicate a stash of wash cloths for your face only, and commit to using them once and then washing.

Pro Tip: Consider disposable facial cloths. After years of using wash cloths, I learned they can start harboring their own bacteria, no matter how frequently you wash them. So after lots of digging, I discovered Clean Skin Club earlier this year. The facial cloths are single use so they are clean and hygienic. They offer eucalyptus and bamboo options (much more sustainable than paper products), much softer and are biodegradable and compostable! Note – I paid for each of my orders and this is my real opinion. However, Clean Skin Club has generously offered a special discount for Society readers. Use code majolie for 20% off your order!

Get Regular Facials

For those that are especially acne prone, regular facials are just a good habit to get into. A solid facial will clean your skin, open and decongest your pores, extract where necessary (including those stubborn milia), provide a custom mask based on your skin condition, and end with a hydration boost. Your skin is clean, clear and glowing at the end, and I find they last for about 2-3 weeks. If you wear lots of make-up or live in an urban environment with heavy pollution, I strongly recommend a monthly facial.

Pro Tip: Find a good medi-spa. I’ve been going to the same medi-spa for nearly a decade (shout out to Mpls Skin Clinic!), and have gotten dozens of treatments ranging from injections to light therapies and microneedling. Compared to a regular spa, medi-spa staff tend to have a stronger focus on skin issues, and can offer more than just a basic facial. They can administer injections, treat with lasers, provide prescription products, etc. They can also create a more robust, customizable treatment plan based on your concerns and desired outcomes.

Clean Your Brushes

It’s something we all dread, but is a necessary evil. Brushes can harbor bacteria, oils, dirt, yeast and other nastiness that can continually transfer back and forth from our faces. If you’re using makeup brushes, sponges and other tools regularly, it’s a good idea to clean these at least monthly.

Pro tip: Clean your brushes after every facial. This little habit has helped me stay on top of keeping these babies clean and keeping my skin clear at the same time…both important when it comes to maintaining a proper and balanced bacterial environment on my face. I also personally believe it helps prolong the positive effects of my facial! I’ve cleaned them by hand and cleaned them with a brush mat, and there’s no comparison. For the price, it’ll save you time and will make it less dreadful. Plus I do think a brush mat provides a more thorough clean. As far as a cleaning agent, I was told years ago by a M.A.C. makeup artist to use a mild baby soap like Johnson & Johnson or Honest Co. It’s fragrance-free and is gentle enough that it doesn’t break down the hair or the glue.

Wash Your Sheets Weekly

I don’t even know where to begin with this one…it should be an unspoken rule, but just in case. 😉 Between dead skin cells, sweat, bacteria, tiny mites and other unpleasantries, washing your sheets weekly is a must. Keeping your pillowcase clean will also help eliminate extra contamination with bacteria. (Not to mention it’s good energy to have clean sheets, if you know what I mean 😉

Pro tip: Try silk pillowcases. Silk pillowcases are proven to provide less resistance for your skin and hair, which means less tugging on your precious face and less breakage with your locks. Silk also contains natural anti-microbial properties, another bonus feature.

Apply Products Bottom-Up

This tip is a total game-changer in my opinion. We all know that applying products in an upward motion is important, because repetitive downward tugging over time can break down collagen and cause unwanted sagging, wrinkles and fine lines. However, remembering to do it is an entirely different feat! Unless you’re actively applying your skincare regimen each morning and night, you can easily “zone out” or get distracted and mindlessly stroke in the wrong direction. Because most people apply products starting at their forehead, they tend to work down their face and their stroke falls in line. Instead, consider reversing your application altogether; start applying your products at your neck or chin, and work your way up your face. Making such a big change will cause you to pay closer attention to your routine until it becomes habit. Plus, starting at the bottom of your face and moving towards your forehead will force you to work in upward motions. Et voila!

Pro tip: Apply products naked! Now this is a fun one, and my hubby appreciates it, too. I always apply my skincare products naked! This ensures that I don’t miss important bits like chest, décolleté, neck, etc. The biggest tell of a woman’s age isn’t usually her face…it’s her neck! That’s because women often forget to bring the products down to the rest of the chest, which often faces the same amount of sun exposure and damage as our faces (but usually with far less protection!). By applying products naked, you’re more inclined to treat all of your body and keep it all looking hydrated and youthful. I never skip my breasts, neck, back of neck, shoulders and behind the ears. Specifically behind the ears and back of neck see a lot of sun and not much TLC, so these areas can start showing a woman’s age much quicker.

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with love,

Amy Abt