If you haven’t noticed, I like writing these tips and tricks posts. I think my Type A personality lends itself well to spending a lot of time “hacking” my life. I’m all about organization, efficiency and control (and maybe a little overthinking), so these little tips naturally develop and I feel compelled to share them with the world. Usually my eureka moment comes after a girls’ night out, where without fail we get into the raw, gritty details of our lives. It’s here that I realize I have a few wise nuggets to share, et voila! A blog post is born. Without further ado, here are some of my life-tested hacks for keeping your kitten alive and well.

Post-Coital Cloths

Sex is messy. When you factor in the millions of bacteria you just exchanged with one another, it gets messier. My favorite tip for staying healthy down there is to use towelettes after sex…both of you. It’s like a little calming refresher after that invigorating session.

Pro tip: Instead of paying more for the feminine wipes (that often contain extra chemicals and harmful fragrances), we opt for these Honest Co. organic, unscented baby wipes. They are less expensive, better for your body and are more environmentally friendly.

Become a clean wein machine

Make sure your man has a clean wein. Let me paint a picture for you (that you’ll never be able to unsee.) Despite his best efforts, your man’s wein is probably not that clean, even if he is personally very clean and hygienic. Here’s the thing (that we all knew already): so many men (but not your man!) do not wash their hands after using the bathroom. They touch themselves, toilet seats, toilet handles, doorknobs, etc. and accumulate nastiness in the process. Then said stranger shakes your clean man’s hand. Bam, it’s like your man never even washed his hands. Then your clean man goes to the bathroom and touches his clean wein with his now dirty hands. Starting to see? You put either of your lips on that wein and it’s like you’re coming into contact with every surface and handshake from the day. So here’s some food for thought: Have your man consider washing his hands before and after going to the bathroom. That way he can keep his wein clean and your kitten happy. If not, then suggest that you both take a shower together before you get busy (hello, foreplay!). That way you’re both clean and ready to go.

And because I like saying shocking things, here’s one more painting in this series: Most women haven’t given much thought to how a man sits down to use the bathroom. Here’s what probably happens: He sits down, points your favorite part of his body into the toilet and rests himself against the inside of the bowl. Unless he is actively holding “it” away from the toilet bowl, it will ultimately end up touching the toilet. Now your man’s clean wein is contaminated by every ounce of bacteria and carnage that has come before him in that toilet. I’ll end it here. The point is, make your man clean his wein before sex. It’s not a ridiculous idea, it’s a healthy one. He’ll do it because he loves you, and because nobody loves yeast infections. If he can’t be bothered with pre-sex showering, then at the VERY least, make him use towelettes referenced above beforehand.

Water is your bestie

Lube is an important component to intimacy, and if you haven’t discovered it, oh my. Race to Woo! More Play and get going. When it comes to lubes, not all are created equal. Most on the market tend to be packed with shitty ingredients which can disrupt your body’s natural pH. Another great one is Necessaire Sex Gel, which is formulated at the same pH as your lady parts. It’s important to choose either a water-based lube (tends to better resemble your body’s natural “juices”), or a natural oil that’s free of silicone, parabens, petroleum and glycerin.

Correctly clean

Your body’s natural oils, sweat, clothing particles and paper particles flake off and can accumulate in this warm, wet area. And although soap seems like a logical product, it’s not. Avoid soap and special “down there” cleansers. Your body is evolutionarily designed to self regulate and self clean, so introducing products into this cycle can have adverse effects on your pH and can even be a cause of extra smells, yeast infections, irritation, etc. Instead, simply use water and attention to detail and clean all the nooks and crannies very thoroughly. If you need more instructions, Google. If you must meddle with your goods, here’s a great article from Jessica Defino about some vaginal skincare products that are OB/GYN approved.

Reduce irritation

Shaving can leave your skin irritated and red. Reduce exposure to friction and shaving sensitivity by using a fragrance-free shaving cream designed for sensitive skin. Vanicream Shave Cream for sensitive skin is a decent option (however it doesn’t spread very well and you go through a lot of product pretty quickly). (Have a better one? Let us know!) If you’ve got existing bumps and irritations, especially on your thighs as a result of the extremely common keratosis pilaris, treat these areas after showering with CeraVe SA Cream for Rough & Bumpy Skin.

Prevention is key

If you’re prone to UTIs, keep a stash of Stix early detection UTI test strips on hand. Stix also offers UTI treatments as well. I usually have a jar of cranberry juice and take a few swigs throughout the week. While it hasn’t been medically proven to prevent UTIs, doctors often encourage adding cranberry juice to your diet because there is a correlation.



with love,

Amy Abt